Tangshan Shengjing Printing Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a diversified enterprise  integrating  research, development, manufacture, sales and service  together. Based  on  the technical  talents  as the guide, quality for survival and take the customer’s needs as our need, the company adheres to independent research and development, continuous improvement, and eventually forms FMB series five ply flute laminator,  Q series automatic flute laminator and B series semi-automatic flute laminator. With the diversification of products, the company strictly adhere to the ISO9001 quality system standards for internal management and conducts regular training on the company’s internal staff skills. All employees consciously set up the concept of ‘taking the honor of the factory as own honor and the disgrace of the factory as own disgrace ’, and penetrate into all aspects of research and development, production, sales and service making our products deeply favored and praised by customers domestic and overseas.

In order to comply with social development and environmental friendly requirements, the company has continuously absorbed senior management personnel, senior technical personnel and people from all fields. We introduced two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD work system, which effectively improve the overall image of the company. Shengjing Machinery feels that ‘the future of the company is based on the long-term trust and support of customers’. Therefore, the company takes ‘reputation-based, quality for reality, sustainable management, service first, pursuit of infinity’ as the purpose and development direction, constantly produce more and better products to meet customer needs. Let’s work together for our prosperous future! 

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