■  The strong suction fan with imported vacuum belt ensure the accuracy of bottom paper feeding.
■  The face paper and bottom paper adopt photoelectricity automatic detection to monitor the paper conveying status.
■  The positioning roller is wrapped with rubber. The paper does not slip at high speed. With the intelligent control, it ensures accurate laminating and positioning(machine precision ± 1.5mm). It is more convenient to adjust the front lay. 
■  The positioning plate adopts the reversible mechanism design, which is more convenient for cleaning of the gluing mechanism.
■  The machine has the simple structure, reasonable design, convenient operation, fast paper replacement, which greatly improves production efficiency.
■  The operator can make the paper conveying without any training.
Technical Parameters
Model   SJ-B1300A   SJ-B1450A    SJ-B1650A
Max. Paper Size(mm)   1300×1300   1450×1400                 1650×1400
Min. Paper Size(mm)  400×400 400×400     450×400
Speed(m/min) 100 95 90
Thickness of Face Paper(g/㎡)  150-400         150-400   150-400
Thickness of Bottom Paper(mm) A/B/C/E/F flute or ≤8 A/B/C/E/F flute or ≤8    A/B/C/E/F flute or ≤8
Power(kw)    5.5 5.5 5.5
Power Supply    380V 3P 5W 50HZ         380V 3P 5W 50HZ       380V 3P 5W 50HZ 
Laminating Precision(mm) ±1.5   ±1.5   ±1.5  
Dimension(mm) 8500×2150×1850    8500×2300×1850     8500×2450×1850

Other equipment specifications can be customized.


SJ-B series semi-automatic flute laminator mainly consists of six parts: manual face paper feeding section, face paper conveying section, automatic bottom paper conveying section, cyclic gluing section, positioning and pre-pressing section and pressing section. It suits to laminate the printed paper to the corrugated board(3ply or 5ply), with features of high precision and high speed. It is the ideal laminating machine for all kinds of packaging company domestic and overseas.

 Machine video
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